Recent Site Updates for FBOGSE

Recent Site Updates for FBOGSE

At, we are excited to announce the updates that we have made to the website in the past several months.

On our ‘Listing’ pages:

Implemented a ‘Contact Seller’ form, to allow a user to more quickly and easily get in contact with the GSE owner

Reformatted page to allow as much relevant information to be displayed without scrolling

Added a map so a user can visually see a listing’s location, quickly

Several small style and user interface improvements

On our ‘Buy GSE’ page:

Added a search bar, so you can easily find a specific piece of GSE

Consolidated and reorganized the categories

Added visual differences between the ‘Standard’ and ‘Featured’ listings

Organization of listings

On our ‘Home’ page:

Added a ‘Featured Listings’ section that will display new Featured Listings.

On our user ‘Dashboard‘ page:

We have added new options for viewing and editing your listings

Added a ‘Listing Views’ tracking function, which shows you how much traffic your listings are getting

The above is just a small list of the updates we have completed in the past few months. We are still hard at work to provide the best possible service we can to FBOs across the country. Check back here for information about more features – coming soon.

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